Proven Business Framework

HSI has developed an industry first and ground-breaking franchise system and project framework for cost effective and efficient opening of franchised hotels in an unique manner.

Our systems are ready for implementation for new build, conversions of operating properties or conversions of spaces, being it office space, retail space and others.

 -  Leader in cost effective franchise systems
 -  PMS - Reservation solutions
 -  International support
 -  Pre-fab construction
 -  Highly effecient ROI
 -  In-depth expertise

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Competitve Fees Structure

Our fees are competitive versus the market average. In additon, we offer complete solutions, more the only a franchise

Members Intranet

Our cloud-based intranet gives you instant access to design & operating, standards, SOPs, software and so forth


We offer access to established and proven brands which are currently operational within the region

Reduce Investment - Improve ROI

Going with the times, we prefer to offer cloud-based service which are reliable, secure, cost effective and reducing investments tremendiously

Project Guidance

Our service can include desktop review, advice of construction plan and more based on your requirements, allowing you to reduce costly adjustments, save funds and improve ROI

PMS & Reservations

We are able to offer membership-based Property Management System solutions with flexible multi-use Reservation Engines, including hotel listings.



  • Northside Consulting Ltd

    Northside Consulting is reinventing the process of opening new properties with a state-of-the-art management approach that makes it smoother, more effective and efficient. Our approach facilitates 'on time, on brand, on budget, on customer' openings, ultimately optimising a property's value and ROI. www.northside-consulting.com

  • Lifestyle Concepts Group Ltd

    Lifestyle Concepts Group is a cutting-edge hospitality & restaurant consulting agency offering operational, F&B concepts, pre- & post opening consulting services, HEOS & OE. Publisher and owner of 4Hoteliers.com. www.lifestyleconceptsgroup.com

  • Unplugged Collection

    Unplugged Collection offers a cloud-based Property Management software solution and Reservation Engines for independent hotels, including Channel Management. Usage is based on a cost-effective tier memberships and includes a hotel listing site. www.unpluggedcollection.com/index2


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