At the base, we are a no-nonsense hospitality & restaurant consulting agency offering operational, pre- & post opening and project consulting services. We are focused towards assisting the industry in becoming more effective, more efficient, generate more revenues and improve ROI, while challenging existing boundaries

In addition, we have access to a wide range of other valuable services and products, such as global sourcing & procurement, revenue & reservation management, web based IT infrastructure and solutions, project processes management and so forth

Over the years we have assisted a variety of related businesses ranging from chain hotels to independent units, from restaurants, recruiters, conference organisors to educational institutions

The greater percentage of our ongoing business is the result of personal recommendations from our existing client base. A privilege that we are extremely proud of. Lifestyle Concepts Group is a privately held company and enjoys good financial standing with a proven track record in our industry sector

A selecion of our clients can be viewed here

The Meeting

We meet, we talk, we chat, we discuss, we share and brainstorm. We want to understand you

The Ideas

Then.... we put the pieces of the puzzle together to build the framework

The Product

Finally, we present and explain our recommendations & ideas and listen



The greater percentage of our ongoing business is the result of personal recommendations


We are privately held company with good financial standing and a proven track record in our industry


We are not your supplier, we are your partner


We believe in long-term solutions, not "quick-fixes"

Strategic Partners

Macau: Reinventing the process of opening new properties worldwide

Northside Consulting

UAE: Technology, web designs and IT infrastructures

Nonweiler Associates

Hong Kong: Global tourism project investments, HMA and Franchise

Hospitality Systems International

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