Hotel Management System & Booking Engines
For Independent & Boutique

Unplugged Collection is the multi-functional business platform and booking engine of choice for unique & independent hotels, Villas and lifestyle venues.

The site offers a powerful cloud-based Hotel Management System - visual on 3 screens so you can login and monitor everywhere! - to handle your bookings, seasonal rates and room inventory.

It also includes a sleek designed hotel listing site with several booking engines plus smart add-ons to operate a profitable hospitality business

We can also supply free codes to have the bookinge engines placed on your facebook page and elsewhere to increase your bookings.

We are NOT an Online Travel Agent (OTA) and we do NOT charge any booking fees.

Each individual hotel will have a dedicated & exclusive hotel listing page so there is no need to invest in expensive websites and the obligation to continuously invest in updates and upgrades disappears. Channel management, extra users and yield management are optional.

As a business owner you need to maximize your business capabilities, the Unplugged Collection offers what you need

Unplugged Collection HMS.

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