Hotel Owners Advisory - Third Party Hotel Management - Operational Consultancy

Focused Expertise

At the base, we are a no-nonsense hospitality agency offering Third Party & White Label hotel management, asset guidance, sales & marketing expertise, pre- & post opening, project development with or without brand affiliation, China business strategies, operational consulting, investment access and more

We partner with hotel & asset owners to ensure an agreed EBITDA and Net Profit margin is achieved

In addition, we have easy access to a wide range of combined services and expertise through our partners and industry contacts

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Lifestyle Concepts Group Ltd. is a privately held company and enjoys good financial standing with a proven track record in our industry sector

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The Process

The Meeting

We meet, we talk, we listen, we discuss, we share and brainstorm. We want to understand you vision

The Ideas

we put the pieces of the puzzle together to build the framework

The Product

Finally, we present our ideas and explain our recommendations, then we listen prior to execution

Strategic Partnerships

"Through our in-depth familiarity of the industry we have access to a global network of particular expertise and Specialized services"