Partners & Affiliates

Graham Nonweiler

Graham is a strategic partner of Lifestyle Concepts Group, a relationship that started in early 2000 as a friendship, quickly followed by advisory and cooperation

Nonweiler Associates was formed in the early 1990's, by a small group of well experienced individuals with Technology, Marketing and Accounting backgrounds, we have grown in to a diverse professional services company with a global client base

Led by Group Managing Director Graham Nonweiler, who himself has over 35 years management and IT experience, each of their key executives have significant experience in their chosen fields, which in the majority of cases is coupled with extensive hands-on knowledge and capability

Working together as a team the entire group is able to offer and provide unswerving commitment to each of the projects they undertake. Indeed this ethos extends all the way through their activities and staff members

At each of their primary operating locations you will find a small but specialised team of design, development and support professionals. Since their inception they have enjoyed a near zero rate staff turnover, offering and assuring ongoing continuity for client relationships

While initially they may seem unrelated, their specialist fields of Marketing, Design and Technology, continually become more and more intertwined, and as online usage and reliance increases, so to does the inter-relation between our fields of expertise.

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